Qurtuba Islamic Academy

Founded in January 2016, Qurtuba Islamic Academy is a private school with an Islamic ethos that offers both Islamic and secular educational instruction. The curriculum is broadly governed by the Gauteng Department of Education’s CAPS Policy. Currently, QIA offers academic placements from Grade 000 – Grade 9, aiming to advance a grade at the end of every academic year, which will see the class of 2021 as the first matriculants of Qurtuba Islamic Academy.

Qurtuba Islamic Academy is situated within the Qurtuba district and is a 2-minute drive from the Qurtuba residential complex. It is complemented by state-of-the-art amenities and wide choice of unique extra-curricular activities. Qurtuba Islamic Academy is for astute parents seeking to benefit from a visionary board, a passionate team and world-class facilities.

For more information, visit the QIA website:

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Qurtuba Hospitality

Qurtuba Hospitality is located in the heart of the Qurtuba district. Tucked away from the bustling activity of the city, the surroundings epitomise a tranquil and serene get away while offering the convenience of being just 10 minutes away from Sandton and the M1 highway. Each room is specially designed, exuding a sense of elegance and luxury to offer every visitor the satisfaction of home away from home.

For more information about the facilities or assistance with booking the ideal room for your visit, contact Qurtuba Hospitality 011 022 5553/076 803 4188 or email bookings@qurtuba.co.za.