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Qurtuba has grown to become so much more than just a complex. Each door may hold behind it an individual family, but together, the gates of Qurtuba hold within it a community. With casual strolls towards the Masjid, as the adhaan echoes off the vibrant walls, the menfolk are drawn out from the seclusion of their apartments into the unity of prayer. A neighbour is met, a friend is greeted, a conversation is beginning. The park is the nectar drawing every buzzing child to its ample free space. Mothers become friends, and chit chat turns into afternoon getaways from the day’s hustle. Qurtuba is more than just a place to live. It is a place of belonging. In it you are bound to find a group who you can call “yours”. A perfect fit for your habits, hobbies and interests alike. Your children will have friends, your husband will have a masjid within walking distance, your wife will have neighbours, and your family will have safety and peace of mind to flourish in the splendour of Qurtuba.

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Qurtuba Ahlan

Qurtuba Ahlan is the Qurtuba welcome centre and information hub for Qurtuba Precinct. Its objective is to introduce visitors and potential buyers to the Qurtuba lifestyle, facilities, amenities and developments.

Qurtuba Sports Club


Qurtuba Sports Club has been developed to facilitate the management and operations of various sporting activities available to residents in the Qurtuba Precinct. The club aims to encourage both physical and social well-being, and serves as a vehicle to build a more inclusive and united community.


Qurtuba Furusiyyah-Archery


Qurtuba Furusiyyah is a community based archery club in Linbro Park. It has been founded to promote and facilitate the Sunnah (prophetic tradition) of archery.
The clubs provides : 

  • lessons and training in Mamluk traditional archery 
  • a target archery field (for members only)
  • opportunities for practicing mounted archery (archery on horseback)

Horse riding


Linbro Park has become somewhat synonymous with horse riding. As you meander through the streets of Linbro Park, don’t be surprised if you find a string of horses every now and then. The founders of Qurtuba itself, are avid lovers of the animal and have stables on the property. Linbro Park boasts many riding clubs and often hosts equestrian shows.

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Photography – LP Lens


A group of avid photographers who live in Qurtuba and surrounds have formed a photo club to share their passion and interest. Meeting up once a month at a neighbouring property to share their shots of the month and learn something new in the growing field of photography.

LIT - Linbro Islamic Trust

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Linbro Islamic Trust (LIT) is a community-based initiative founded in 2017 intending to drive socio-economic upliftment and community-building programs, within Linbro Park and surrounding areas. The NPO has successfully hosted and sponsored various events and causes since its inception. It is governed by an Islamic ethos and administered by volunteers who believe and share in its cause.

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Qurtuba Kids Club

Qurtuba Kids Club is an orchestrated program that aims to encourage children to interact with peers in a socially charged environment which leads to the development of positive growth both mentally and physically.

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