Because in community, lies sanctuary.

Gulleys and courtyards, arches and fountains – these are the elements that meet you and characterise Qurtuba.

A secure estate, centred on the people who live there, is what you’ll find at Qurtuba. A village lifestyle that is characterised by tranquility, freedom, and safety.

Only ten minutes away from the Sandton CBD, the architecture and design of the entire complex serves as a symbol of a worldly, sophisticated culture that flourished centuries ago; when Córdoba was capital of Islamic Spain and one of Europe’s biggest and most cultured cities.

The Moorish elements of Qurtuba’s design, transport you to a forgotten time. Borrowing from classic European, Middle Eastern, and traditional Islamic art, Qurtuba is completed beautifully by traditional South African features; think Arabic courtyards, European piazzos, and the humble South African stoep. By marrying Moorish and South African styles, Qurtuba’s designers created a unique architectural language. All these elements combine harmoniously to create a lifestyle estate for the discerning resident, looking to bring alive the spirit of an Islamic ethos in their everyday lives without compromising on any aspects of modern living.

Envisioned over a decade ago as a hub of every element of the lifestyle that a Muslim community may require, the Linbro Park complex houses a masjid, school, leisure facilities, and several types of residences.

Qurtuba: Because in community, lies sanctuary.