Al Qasr

The name Al Qasr translates to ‘the castle’, which is also the inspiration behind the design of this unique apartment complex. Think classic architecture, modern living, and panoramic views of the Johannesburg skyline.

Ranging from 1- to 4-bedroom units, there is a space for every type of family in Al Qasr. Whether you’re in need of a bachelor pad, a young couple’s starter home, somewhere to raise your young family, or a place to spend time living in close proximity to your parents as they enter their golden years, Al Qasr is the perfect place for you.

Qurtuba Old Town

With vibrant colours and intricate Moorish mosaics, Qurtuba Old Town isn’t only a beautiful development, but one that prioritises community and family life.

Made up of 1-,2-, 3-bedroom units, Qurtuba Old Town offers the ultimate in urban convenience, security and modern living.